Are those new shoes you're wearing, "just" shoes? Join Anaiya, a charming little girl, as she takes you on a journey that highlights the story behind a new pair of shoes given to her by her grandmother. Meet truck drivers, and farmers, and factory workers who all played a role in bringing her shoes to life.
Can you imagine a world without clean water? Join Samora, Jonzi and Jiji as they take you on a tour of Spontania. Explore this small town in Mozambique, Africa and all its people, who didn't have any clean water until the arrival of The PlayPump Water System.
Can a pillow fight help the homeless? Maggie and her close friends prove it can. Based on a true story, join a group of children who are inspired to make a difference in their community, and who partner with some adults to turn that inspiration into action.
Dream Village uses picture books and the web to help kids explore and address important global issues.
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