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Along with Anaiya, we learned that a pair of shoes is never "just" a pair of shoes. Would you like to find ways to help kids and families around the world get a pair of shoes?
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(Source: Soles4Souls)


Babies living in extreme poverty around the world have to choose between food & diapers. Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey have compounded this situation. Our partner agency, The Rebecca Foundation, is working diligently to assist the most vulnerable children, and they struggle to find enough funding and supplies to help these babies. Imagine re-using a disposable diaper simply because you can't afford for your baby otherwise - that's a decision many of these families have made.


Just 24 cloth diapers can diaper a baby from infancy through potty-training, meaning these babies can finally have diapers, instead of going without. Through our Diaper Drops, we are helping local organizations leverage the funds they have available to better care for their babies in other ways. In many places, organizations see decreased infant mortality rates and increased quality of life through cleaner environments and more availability of basic living needs.

Long-Term Impact

As our partner organizations in the United States continue to have their diaper needs solved, they are able to save funds and plan for future improvements as part of hurricane recovery and rebuilding. This can mean adding educational programs, offering better healthcare, improved quality of food (more protein!) - all steps that set these babies up for long term survival and productive members of society.
(Source: Rainforest Alliance)


Agriculture drives 80% of deforestation and produces 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. More than 70% of the global food supply is produced by smallholders: many of whom live well below the poverty line and struggle with limited access to resources. For these communities, the impacts of climate change are already real rather than hypothetical - in today's hyper-connected world, fighting climate change and building resilience to its impact are urgent priorities for us all.


We're working in some of the world's most vulnerable regions to conserve forests, protect rivers, and nurture healthy soil. With an increasingly unstable global climate, farmers are faced with a growing challenge to produce enough for their families and for our planet. Connecting rural communities to climate-smart agricultural practices, each other, and the world is an important step towards climate adaptation and food security. The training app reaches millions of farmers with one simple tool.

Long-Term Impact

The race to feed the world's growing population (9.8 billion by 2050) while conserving natural resources begins now. Climate-smart agriculture increases yield without expanding farmland or destroying fragile ecosystems. With low-cost mobile devices and telecommunications increasingly available in developing nations, agricultural technology is a vital way to collaborate and ensure food security. If we want to save forests and natural resources, we need to connect with farmers to feed our future.
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We’ve pulled together a list of resources for you to take action locally. Learn more about the causes that inspire you. Lead a discussion with friends and family. Organize an event in your community. And host your own fundraiser. Get started with the “Grownup's Guide, Shoes Edition” from Dream Village.

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Meet Boosterthon

For 14 years, Boosterthon has prided itself on hosting a fun fitness event that also serves as an interactive character building program and, a highly-profitable school fundraiser all in one.


RAISE CRAZE is a new approach to fundraising. Kids ask friends and family for donations via an online platform. During the fundraiser, instead of selling things and giving away half the profits, kids go out and pay it forward in their community with acts of service. Kids raise money by being kind and by making an impact in the community.
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